Trading Signals

You can invest in forex at profit without concerning about trading.

How It Works?

The trading signal comes from our true LIVE account. That will be sent directly to your broker where you open live account then execute trades immediately. This process works automatically, 24/5 and no VPS requirement. 

Signal Strategies

Trading signals are provided by PING EA

How To Follow Signal? 

We offer our trading signals via a third parties' website. This is a professional website that provides trading signal to over the word.

  1. Sign up to be member here (First time only)
  2. Register to follow PING with 2-week FREE trial at      

See instruction video (on the right side) for more details.

Signal Verification

This Master accounts are verified by third-party analytic site This gives you the confidence you need to ensure you are trading with the trust signals that has our own money on the line and has the same motivation as you - To make money trading forex!    

Other option for your choice at



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