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About PING

PING EA is a completely automated system that has been developed by a team of analysers, traders and programmers based in Vietnam. The trader behind this signal has over 4 years experience trading forex. Originally through the use of manual systems, however these skills have been adapted in the past few years into developing an automated system that is capable of delivering consistent returns.

The title "PING" is an IT term that represents the communication between multiple trading strategies within the EA. The logic behind this EA is complex with several thousand lines of code. As the market changes the team behind this strategy will be adapting the strategy to maintain it's profitability. The system uses multiple functions that all talk to each other in order to identify the best possible entry and exit points in the market. 


PING's Performance (Verified performance by MyFxbook



The strategy trades regularly across 6 majors currency pairs (AUDUSD, EURGPB, GPBUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF and USDJPY). Often multiple positions are opened on a single pair and trades can be held for several days. There is no set risk per individual trade because multiple correlated positions can be opened at any one time.

Ping uses several normal indicators and multiple theories of Martingale, Grid and Basket but it's not pure Martingale or Grid. Managing risk with basket of opening orders is one of the advantages of PING.

Ping is US compliance (FIFO and no hedge). 

Make sure you understand what you are trading with grid and martingale. You should prepare yourself for a much deep drawdown somtime and frequently. If high drawdown is scary to you then I would not recommend any grid or martingale strategies.


Expectation & Requirement

  1. The minimum initial investment should be $2,000.
  2. The default expected rate of return is ~15% per month on average.
  3. The maximum risk (or drawdown) at any one time is 25% of account's equity.
  4. Live account should be open with brokers who allow trading on Metatrader4 with EA and micro-lot size (0.01).


Signal Provider 

PING is directly trading for hundred of live accounts and being a top signal provider of several websites with many followers. For more information, see PING's performance at

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