MaxPro Copier

Account s trades can be replicated to several accounts automatically, fast and accurately. 

How it works? 

This Expert Adviser (EA) is a professional tool for COPYING trades on Metatrader4 platform. You can easily SHARE your strategies with friends, SELL your signal to clients or MANAGE accounts of funds. It is mainly used by money managers or trading signal providers to propagate their trading decisions to client accounts.

See video on the right site for more details

The main functions of MaxPro Copier

  1. Copies trades from a Master account to several Slaver accounts.
  2. Execute series of trades without delaying.
  3. Fast execution, less than 0.5s.
  4. Acts on vary currencies or metals with a single EA.
  5. Automatically detect Postfix and Suffix of pairs, if any
  6. Works with all types of orders (Market or pending orders).
  7. Handles partial closed orders.
  8. Be compatible with different brokers.
  9. Option to customize risk for each Slaver account.
  10. Be able to replicate REVERSED trades.
  11. Simple operation and less-consuming of CPU.

Easy to install and operate

  1. No setup, just a .ex4 file for each Master or Slaver.
  2. No extra special DLL requirement.
  3. Just need a 24/5 Internet connecting PC (VPS is recommended).

Registration and license

  1. Non-refundable fee is charged periodically.
  2. License for each Live account can be used anywhere (different PC).
  3. FREE for all Demo accounts to try with full functions and unlimited time.
  4. Please contact us if you want to register for several accounts at a time.

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