EA Programming

Most of your strategy ideas can be converted into auto trading system. 

How Can We?

We are Analysers, Traders and Programmers with long time experience in forex market.

We specialize in developing of Expert Advisors (EA), Custom Indicators and Scripts according to requirements of our clients. We can translate almost every trading idea into MQL code based on our experience and algorithms we are using in our live trading. These proven solutions guarantee a high quality work, professional services and reliability result.

Our experienced programmers can quickly adapt to any of your requirement whatever is creating new or modify existing indicators or EA, custom scripts and anything else trading related.

We offer unlimited revisions and will work on the project until you are happy with the result. We commit to support you more convenient and efficiency in your trading.

How To Request a Quote?

  1. Summarize your strategies then fill it in the form (download here).
  2. Send that form to us via email info@maxpro.vn.
  3. We will reply to you within 24h for Delivery Terms and Fees.

Delivery & Payment Terms

Our projects are usually charged at USD50 per hour. After examining your requirement, we will tell you how many development hours will be needed. We will let you know beforehand. If development takes longer than estimated, you will not be charged for any additional time.

Fees will be paid via Paypal (domanhh@gmail.com) or WebMoney.

A normal payment and delivery plan as follow:

  1. 50% after we confirm order.
  2. 30% after we release beta version (.ex4).
  3. 20% before we deliver original code (.mq4). 

Some EA/scripts/indicators are available in our website at download section.


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