Hunt different price between brokers

What's it for?

GAP_Hunter EA is a completed auto trading EA. It is used to hunt the different price of any currency pairs between brokers that use Metaquote4 platform.

The GAP of price is happened due to the lag or bug of some brokers' server. This unforeseen circumstances is rarely appeared. But one it is existing, traders can scalp to make profit for sure, event it is small pips. These arbitrages is also never last for a long time. It is disappeared quickly within a few seconds or shorter. That why, traders cannot capture these chances manually.

Therefore, GAP_Hunter EA is designed for traders to make profit from the different price between brokers

How it works?

To detect the lagging price, at least two (or more) brokers will be selected to compare price. Several pairs can be checked the GAP at the same time as designed of traders.

  1. Find a often lagging broker that we will trade
  2. Select benchmark brokers (recommended brokers:, Alparil and FXDD). Traders can use several benchmark brokers to make sure the GAP signal (Using two benchmark brokers at a time is good enough).
  3. Follow EA manual to setup and trade with GAP_Hunter EA.

See instruction video for more information.


A monthly fee will be charged for each real/live account. It's also FREE trial version. 

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