EasyClick to execute orders

What's it for?

To open an order, traders have to select a pair then input a lot of information such as Lot size, Stop Loss, Take Profit … ect. It's usually take few seconds to a minute that may ruin a chance of traders or place an order at unexpected price.

We offer the fastest way to place an order within a second with exactly what traders want. EasyClick EA is a visual tools to execute most types of trading (Buy, sell, close…) on the chart.

Traders also can open or close series of orders with this tools with just one click.

How it works?

Just drag and drop EA to your chart, a special tool will appear on the left of the chart, fill in your designed parameters then use tool.

Have nice trades


A monthly fee (non-refundable) will be charged for each real/live account. It's also FREE trial version. 

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